Frequently Asked Questions

Why wear a VR headset during a real ride at all?

By putting a VR ride on a real roller coaster, for the very first time, you can experience real airtime, real drops, intense g-forces and moments of zero gravity in a simulated world! Needless to say that VR allows for many amazing things that would never be possible in the real world - like riding a flying dragon or taking part in a space battle. But a normal simulator ride wouldn't be able to provide this kind of continuous forces and floating airtime experiences.
Also, VR can make rides much larger, taller and faster than the real track. Heights can be increased or even reduced for people who are afraid of heights. Actually, VR can eliminate the most common factor that causes fear and insecurity, namely the classic vertigo while being pulled up the coaster's lifthill. Why not simulate green hills next to the virtual car, like riding a "ground coaster" ?
Last but not least, you can tell a story in the virtual world and surprise the riders with things that couldn't be built in a normal dark ride theming.


Don't you get motion sick when wearing a VR headset while riding a real rollercoaster?

Not at all, as long as you have precise synchronization to the real ride. This is because you're not only watching 3D movement, but your inner sense of balance actually feels the real movement. Even people who are actually afraid of rollercoasters or tend to get motion sick had no problems when going on a VR Coaster Ride.
Most of all, these rides feel much more comfortable than riding a virtual reality roller coaster at home in front of your desktop.


Don't the inertial sensors fail under such extreme g-forces?

No, it turned out that they keep working totally precise throughout the entire ride.


Aren't you afraid of a headset falling off during a ride?

Actually, we noticed that on most coasters, the forces aren't strong enough to pull the Headset off. Still, we provide special custom-made chin straps that make sure the headsets stay tight.


What's the best way for a park to operate a coaster with people having to put on VR headsets?

The operational approach strongly depends on the desired capacity as well as on the personnell resources that are available for the VR equipped facility.
Basically, our clients currently prefer the following three solutions:

- Rental Solution
Guests can rent a headset completely equipped with the required smart phone and keep the device during their entire stay in the park.
Only makes sense when at least 3 or 4 ride facilities are equipped with the VR Coaster System, so the guests get a certain value in return of renting a headset. Still, this solution can create a substantial new source of income through the rental fees.
Also, along with the rental approach, guided "VR tours" are possible, where park employees accompany and guide groups of people on their way to the VR rides, where they can lie up in seperate "VR queues".

- VIP Solution
If only one or two ride facilities are equipped with the VR Coaster System, we suggest to hand out the headsets directly at the station. To contain the number of VR riders, this can be offered for a special extra charge, much like a classic Fast Pass / Speed Pass system. This can also refinance the additional personnell that will be required for the operations.

- Public Operation without Limitations
It is, of course, also possible to offer a non-limited VR ride to all guests of an attraction, but this needs quite a few additional operators at the station. Headsets will be handed out before the ride and collected as well as cleaned after the ride. By replacing the foam cushioning with a leather cushioning, this can be done quite easily using special disinfective tissues. When operated this way, every headsets needs to be recharged after 3 to 4 hours.


Are you also planning new roller coasters that are build only for VR right from the start?

Yes, our partner Mack Rides will build any kind of roller coaster, optimized for a pure VR experience. At the moment, we are already developing two such coaster facilities, but as there's a lot more engineering involved, these will not be finished before 2017 / 2018.
If you are interested in a pure VR Coaster Attraction, contact Dennis.Gordt (at)



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