The patented Original from the Inventors:
Get the Industry Leading VR Experience!

  Crazy Bats at Phantasialand, Germany: With a throughput of 1200 guests per hour, our new automated calibration system with Pico G2 headsets shows that VR does not limit capacity any more!  


  Valerian and the City of a thousand Planets VR Coaster for Eurosat Coastiality - Featuring the world's first Roam & Ride setup: Board the coaster seamlessly right inside the VR experience!  



  The Great Lego Race | VR Coaster Rides for Merlin / Legoland Parks  

The Original Experience

Get the
original, patented VR Coaster experience from the Inventors! With over 60 equipped parks worldwide, we're the market leader when it comes to VR experiences on roller coasters and rides.

Combining virtual reality with real forces, real drops and real airtime creates the most amazing ride experience ever.
From space battles to riding a flying dragon, anything is possible – even
interaction and gaming!

Developed on Mack Rides Coasters Mack Rides Logo


Also check out the free COASTIALITY app from our partners MackMedia - for iOS, Android and Gear VR:

  VR Coaster ride creation for MackMedia "Alpenexpress Coastiality", Europa-Park, Germany  

Industry Leading VR Quality

VR Coaster provides a unique graphics system that combines 4K stereoscopic video at full 60 frames per second with interactive realtime components - even on mobile CG hardware! You won't find this level of VR quality anywhere else in the industry.

Your guests will not just view a flat monoscopic video. We create
real 3D vision with a thrilling and immersive experience, featuring high-end gaming industry visuals.

years of expertise in 3D realtime content creation, we work with passion to bring your ideas to life!
From award-winning game design to optimized high-end mobile 3D graphics and extensive virtual reality know-how, our team will turn any content, story or IP into a compelling
state of the art VR experience!

  VR Coaster can turn a coaster ride into a flying stage coach experience!  

Robust, flexible, lightweight

VR Coaster makes use of the latest Generation of Pico G2 mobile VR headsets for State-of-the-Art VR Quality.
Using wireless connectivity, the VR experience will always be synchronized precisely with the real ride!

No cables, no onboard CG hardware, no sanitary issues:
Your guests will get a clean, optically adjustable and portable headset that doesn't have to be attached to the coaster train.


No cables, no CG hardware on the train
Clean, individual headsets
VR & Real ride precisely synchronized
Industry Leading VR Quality
Coasters become space battles


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